Wow---when I heard about this I had to check it out and looks like this wacky story is true.   Girl meets guy, they go on a first date, and right after that this 19 year old girl tattoos the guy's name on her face.    Is this NUTS or what?

Lesya met her boyfriend Rouslan, a tattoo artist, in an online chat room. When the two met in person, she professed her love by letting him tattoo his name in large, black Gothic font on her face. (The photo is from her Facebook page.)

Things must be going well, however, because the couple has since gotten engaged ... not that she could ever date anyone else when she's got a guy's name inked on her face!

Here is a before and after pic and then a pic of the "happy tattooed couple"   All I can say is "ooooh ick!!!"

(Daily News)