I will be honest--I love a good freshly grilled burger right off the bar-b-cue---medium rare with a little cheese and bacon...YUM.   It may be awhile before I eat a fast-food burger again.  You may feel the same way after checking out this stuff---all I can say is YIKES!!


A scientist purchased a hamburger at a McDonald’s restaurant in 1999 – and held onto it.

David Whipple had planned to keep the burger for just a month to show people how the preservatives in the hamburger keep it from spoiling like natural food.

After the one month, he forgot about it and didn’t stumble onto it until now.

Amazingly, it looks exactly how it did when he bought it. No bacteria. No mold. It doesn’t even smell bad.

All those crazy chemicals in that burger has kept it preserved in its original state. The only thing that actually rotted away was the pickle slice.

So, the question is … If mold and bacteria don’t even want to feed off of the burger, why should we? (OpposingViews.com)