Since I arrive at work at 5am with a breakfast sandwich or a bagel and coffee in tow.  By the time I leave COOL 98.7 around 1pm, for me it's time to head home and enjoy a little lunch at my leisure.    How about you if you work "normal" hours do you take a lunch hour?  Things may be changing or perhaps already have for you!


A new survey has found that the office lunch hour actually lasts 30 minutes or less these days.  Around 50% of the workers surveyed admitted to spending a half an hour or less eating lunch.  Could be pressure by employers and a desire for increased productivity or hard driving bosses, workers are eating faster – or in many cases skipping lunch altogether.  And it seems that during lunch, almost everybody is multi-tasking--doing more than just eating lunch--and get this how many are just eating lunch and NOT multi-tasking?   Only one percent say that all they do during their lunch break is eat. (wonder if those are kids at school?!??!?!)