Well guys---if you're sporting a beard, or ladies if the man in your life wears a beard---here's some pretty good news financially for some of us bearded types--me I sport a mustache and goatee.   Looks like there's a new website that is looking to help guys with facial make some extra cash by turning that beard into a walking billboard---seriously!!




The place doing this is Beardvertising has guys placing actual advertisments on their beards of men, allowing them to make some money on the side!  The “beardvertisements” are called “BeardBoards,” and they can earn people with beards as much as $5 per day.  The website to get more details and sign yourself and your beard up or your man is beardvertising.com.   Sign up and start bringing home some extra bucks, and if works out the extra money you get--you won't be spending on razor blades and shaving cream!!  Maybe some of those Duck Dynasty guys might even have more cash coming in!! (Beardvertising.com)