Bet you've been to a wedding or at least had an invitation or two or three, and if by chance you get called upon to give a toast at the wedding.  I've come up with a little assistance to make it easy to make it through. 




#1)Lay off the alcohol – You may think it will calm your nerves, but it’ll really just make you slur your speech and screw things up.  So--easy on the drinking of the booze.

#2)Toast, not roast – Good-natured fun is ok, but be sure not to be insulting.

#3)Keep it sweet – If you’re not a one of those naturally funny people then keep your toast nice by sharing a memory you have of each of them.

#4)And if worse comes to worse.....steal a little something from one of those Hallmark cards----amazing how good you will sound!!  Classy too.