Since Christmas is just days away---literally---I have some tips to keep your tree nice-n-green and vibrant---and we all want a good looking Christmas Tree!!


if you're still in the market for a tree and once you choose your tree, see if the seller can cut about a half an inch off the trunk if you can't do so at home. Freshly exposed cells improve water absorption and that will keep your tree green.  And if you already have your tree, if you can cut an inch or two off the bottom that will add that extra life!

Next---locate your tree out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents. Hot air acts like a hair dryer on the branches and will dry out your Christmas Tree--something you definitely DON'T want.

Also---don't forget to use modern LED lights, they radiate very little heat, and are the smart choice to decorate with.  And whatever you do---DO NOT use lights that are meant for the outdoors – they burn much hotter and could even start a fire. And that's one way to really ruin Christmas!  (Yahoo)