I went to my very first McDonald's Restaurant in Bellevue, Washington---a Seattle Suburb when I was a little guy and I remember being able to get an "All American Special"---A hamburger, fries and a shake---for 49 cents.   Prices have gone up a bit, eh?  And I remember Ronald McDonald---and he's about to get a makeover!!! And soon he'll look a little more dapper!!


Ronald going to be wearing a red sports jacket over his red and white striped shirt and he'll be adding a red bow tie, giving him more the look of circus ringmaster or '50s TV kids' show host. His wild hair is a bit more in control.  I really wonder if the makeover has a connection to Taco Bell using real people named Ronald McDonald to pitch their brand new breakfast menu in a TV commercial. But it does come in the wake of McDonalds revealing a decline in sales at McDonalds that have been open more than one year.

And in case you're wondering----The Ronald McDonald character originated in Washington, D.C., where local radio personality and TV weatherman Willard Scott – yep--the Today Show Weatherman – appeared in some McDonalds regional TV commercials, and the rest is history!!!  So remember it was Willard Scott who was the very FIRST Ronald McDonald!!