Kids love social media and sometimes it's not for the right reasons. That is not the case for a Mandan student's welding project.

Damion Davenport took up welding at Mandan High School. After all, even though this is for class credit, this type of work can be hard but also creative. For Damion, it's also very rewarding.

With help of his class instructor, Damion has been able to create metal American flags. Once the school district posted his work on their Facebook page, he scored a homerun! His post generated about 600 shares, about 2,000 reactions and was seen by more than 130,000 people.

Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

They are selling the metal flags for $200 each. And he's already received many pre-orders that will keep him busy for a while. Damion plans to peruse welding as his career.

Nice work Damion!