It took a jury two hours Wednesday, (5/18) to reach the guilty verdict and send a cop beater to jail in Minnesota. Warning, the dash-cam video is very graphic and difficult to watch!

If you don't think these officers earn their pay, you just need to watch this dashcam video of a Brooklyn Park, MN police officer, making the arrest of the suspect, Lance Carr, 25. Carr was convicted last week of first degree assault on Brooklyn Park police officer, Sean Hyman.

The video is difficult to watch as Officer Hyman is being choked and beaten. His gun goes off in his holster as the suspect tries to grab the officers gun. It took 3 minutes for back-up officers to show up to assist the beaten officer. You can hear by standers calling for help in the video.

In the video, the arrest takes place in November of 2015, you can see and hear the officer fighting for his life and yelling for help.


The original stop and arrest of Carr was for an outstanding felony warrant.