Giving your baby a name is the first real act of parenting for a mom and dad. For most people, it's a process that's taken very seriously. But for 26-year-old Natasha Hill it's a pay day.  And something like this could only happen far away from North Dakota in California---the land of fruit and nuts, eh???



This L.A. mom-to-be won a contest on a website called Belly Ballot, and now she is selling the rights to name her baby for $5,000! Complete strangers will be submitting names, and the most popular name wins. She has no say in the matter. She must name her baby (boy or girl) the name that is chosen – or she doesn't get paid. You can vote on Belly Ballot's website starting March 18th. (Jezebel)

Just Asking ... Would you ever consider selling your baby naming rights? Why or why not? Is there any amount of money that could sway you to let strangers name your baby?