Gotta Smartphone AND Kids?    Looks like that may not be a great combination.   Here's the lowdown--Mom & Dad--if you've got kids and a Smartphone---pay attention to this--please!!



Researchers found that parents on their smartphones actually ignore their kids – and that their kids DO notice.  It’s not surprising that kids are aware of what’s going on. Any parent knows that kids pick up on a LOT – much more than many grown-ups give them credit for.  This study is pretty powerful because parents do spend a lot of time each day on their Smartphone.  Here's what happens---your kids see you having and loving your time with your Smartphone and the kids end up coming to the conclusion that your Smartphone is more important than they are.

So--mom and dad---you might want to put the Smartphone down and pick up your kids and love on 'em for awhile!  Whatcha say???