Finally, it's here....the concert is Saturday night at the Bismarck Civic Center----Justin Hayward, John Lodge and the Moody Blues live!    I'm excited---this will be my 3rd Moody Blues Concert.   Now the question is---Would you like to go???  Well, would you?


Then we've got some easy ways to win...every morning Monday-Friday this week between 5 & 10 I will be playing at least one song from the Moody Blues---when I play it, be my 9th caller at 701-663-9898, and you'll win a pair of tickets for the concert Saturday night.  You can also sign up online thru this Wednesday night at Midnight to win a pair of tickets and an autographed drum-head.   So---two VERY easy ways to win....Listen to "Your Early Morning Radio Pal"--J.J. Hemingway and WIN with COOL 98.7!   It IS Moody Blues WEEK!!!