I know that we've done stories about little knows facts about North Dakota before. While doing some research this morning, I found some other facts that I just had to share with you. Please, forgive me, if there are some items on this list that you already know, but I also think I ran across some other facts that you may not know, so here we go again. Here are some interesting facts about North Dakota that I never knew, now I share with you according to Random Facts.com.

Did you know that NoDak does not have villages or towns, regardless of the population. So this means that if you live in a community with only 5 people, CONGRATS, you live in a city!  We only have cities in the state with the smallest city being Maza with a total population of 5 people. That means the entire town is on the city counsel, I would think. That is not a fact, just a thought.


Not many trees here North Dakota, less than 1% of the state is forest, the smallest amount of any state and when it comes to size, Rhode Island, the smallest state in the US, and if you could or even wanted to, you could fit Rhode Island inside North Dakota 46 times.

State dance? Of course we do! In 1995 the square dance became North Dakota’s official American folk dance. Hungry?

How about food? In 2008, Fargo, hosted the largest pancake feed in the world. Why, I don't know why, but you're talking some flap and jacks! Speaking of food, did you know the biggest burger was chomped on here in NoDak? This thing was eaten in Rutland, North Dakota. It weight of 3,591 pounds and more than 8,000 people shared a piece of the burger! Now that's good eating!


Here in our state, we have some different names for towns and some of those include-  Antler, Buttzville, Cannon Ball, Medicine Hole, On-a-Slant Village, Ops, Three V Crossing, and Zap.

So much to be proud of! Every state has it's own little quirks and North Dakota is no different!


(source-Random Facts.com)