Ever since I was a little guy I've had a fascination with cars and of course the license plates on them.   I grew up in Washington State, and I've lived in many states---Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Montana and here in North Dakota.  So--I've always paid attention to license plates from the states I've lived in and others as well.  Recent survey taken revealed the license plates people thought were the most attractive and least attractive.  Looks like North Dakota wound up somewhere in the middle of the survey.  Here's the way the plates turned out:



10 Most Attractive License Plates

1. Wyoming
2. Hawaii
3. Utah
4. Alabama
5. Oregon
6. Maine
7. South Carolina
8. Florida
9. Georgia
10. Oklahoma

10 Least Attractive License Plates

1. Delaware
2. Arkansas
3. Michigan
4. Alaska
5. Virginia
6. New York
7. Montana
8. District of Columbia
9. Massachusetts
10. Vermont