Every region and state has some food item that a visitor or local must eat. We take a look at the cheap must eat food item for North Dakota. To do this, we turn to Cheapism.com.

I know some of the regional delights from my travels. For instance, Louisiana (my home state), its gumbo. For less than $10, you can make a huge pot of gumbo that would feed 10 people. In Arkansas, you have not lived until you munched on delicious fried pickles. In Iowa, there is something called chicken lips. It's not the chicken beak, it's actually fried chicken tenders smothered in a spicy sauce.

The guidelines to land on the Cheapism list is the item had to be regional and cost under $10.

Widman's Candy Company

North Dakota's item is chocolate covered potato chips most notably are confectioner Widman's in Grand Forks. The chocolate covered potato chip is called "chippers". We spoke to Carol Widman and she informed us the three locations in North Dakota date back to 1885. The stores are located in Crookston, Fargo and Grand Forks and all three locations use the same recipe and Widman's is a family business.