So far I've seen one of the big Hollywood Blockbusters--"Iron Man 3," and I can't wait to see the new Star Trek movie opening up this weekend.   Summer movies are all about testosterone.



Here’s a rundown of some of the most anticipated movies we’ll be seeing in the coming months:

World War Z – June 21st – Brad Pitt deals with a zombie apocalypse.

The Internship – June 7th – Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn play interns at Google.

Man of Steel – June 14th – Will they finally make a good Superman movie? We’ll know soon enough.

2 Guns – August 2nd – Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg are undercover officers, trying and take down some drug cartels.

This is the End – June 12th – A comedy staring James Franco, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill and Jason Segel.

The Hangover: Part III – May 23rd – The Wolfpack returns to Vegas. (