Found out something amazing over the weekend.  My neighbors Matt and Kim Krogen were the ones that first posted the video of A.J. Clemente dropping his "F" Bomb.  They just happened to record the news that night and got the surprise of their lives with A.J.'s "F" Bomb.  They uploaded it to Facebook, and their friends shared it with friends, and now there are more than 2,700,000 views, and it turns out You Tube begins to pay people who submit the video once it hits a million views.   So--my next door neighbors----good job Matt & Kim---btw--they are very nice neighbors!!!     I would post their original video from You Tube, but there is that issue of the "F" here's a clip from David Letterman's Show.  With more from A.J. Clemente.

But my neighbors---Matt & Kim were first to post this---"Most Kewl!!!"