If you listen to the morning show on Cool 98.7, you've caught on to the fact that I am an avid bowler.   Been bowling since I was 10 years old.  I've had 300 games, have won league championships, done well in tournaments, and participate in the U.S.B.C. national tournament almost every year.  This year it will be in Reno at the National Bowling Stadium and I will be hopefully rolling lots of strikes around June 23rd!   


Thought you might get a kick out of seeing my latest bowling ball that in a part of my arsenal.  It's from the Storm Bowling Ball Company, and it's called an "I.Q."  And like all Storm bowling balls it has a special scent---and this one has the fragrance of Butterscotch.   So far, I've been pretty happy with the ball in the first 3 weeks and a high game of 258.   Hopefully more good scores to come.   I bowl two nights a week at Midway Lanes--on Tuesday and Wednesday.   I LOVE bowling!!   Met some of my best friends through--you got it---bowling!!