A North Dakota wedding reception was brought to a screeching halt very early on the morning of September 6th, when gunshots rang out, leaving one dead and another injured.

Eddy County Sheriff Paul Lies has confirmed that a shooting occurred around 1:05 a.m. at the New Rockford Eagles Club at 7 8th St. S in New Rockford, North Dakota.

The sister of one of the victims, Pam Perleberg of Fargo, reports that her brother, 41-year-old Donnie Perleberg of Pingree, was the victim killed in the incident. The woman seated at the table next to Perleberg is now at a Bismarck hospital pending release, after being shot herself.

Lies says he cannot release the names of the victims at this time, or comment on Pam Perleman's claims, but hopes to be able to do so soon.

The shooter, 51-year-old David Troske, was immediately apprehended at the scene by two Eddy County deputies who were in attendance. He did not resist arrest, and should be charged on Monday or Tuesday (Sep 6, 7).