With 5,812 applicants and over 11,000 undergraduates, North Dakota State University is the most desirable college to attend in the state of North Dakota, according to eCollegeFinder.org.

Using data from the National Center for Education Statistics, eCollegeFinder.org produced the map below, which lists the most desirable colleges to attend in every state:

Most Desirable College by State

While NDSU ranked as the most desirable college to attend in North Dakota, it also ranked as one of the least desirable among the top colleges from each state.

Here are the top five most desirable colleges to attend, from these 50:

  1. UCLA - 72,676 applicants
  2. NYU - 57,552 applicants
  3. Penn State - 47,552 applicants
  4. Northeastern - 47,364 applicants
  5. Michigan - 46,813 applicants
And here are the bottom five:
  1. University of Alaska-Anchorage - 3,062 applicants
  2. Wyoming - 4,181 applicants
  3. South Dakota State - 4,851 applicants
  4. NDSU - 5,812 applicants
  5. University of Hawaii at Manoa - 6,901

Obviously, population in each state plays a major role in the amount of applicants each school receives.

Look at it this way, though...How many of these schools have won three straight FCS Championships??

Just one. GO BISON!