Close to 300 flights have been cancelled all over the northern United States due to rain, snow and storms this Thanksgiving weekend, one of the busiest weekends of the year for the travel industry.

This is like finding half the stores at the mall closed the week before Christmas -- yikes!

As of 8:00am ET on Wednesday, November 26, an impressive 271 flights had been cancelled due to severe weather conditions.

The area most affected is the northeast, which is in the throes of Winter Storm Cato. Also sweeping the nation is a clipper system in the central region of the nation and significant storms in the northwestern area, particularly Montana.

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Ahead of Wednesday’s precipitation, which is expected to continue into the night, many airlines announced they will waive fees for passenger choosing to switch or change flights to avoid the storm. United, American, and Delta airlines waived flight-change fees at about two dozen northeastern airports, offering travelers the chance to switch flights to Tuesday or Thursday to ease Thanksgiving Eve congestion.

While North Dakota is not expecting a direct hit by the storms, cancelled flights in the surrounding regions could cause a trickle-down effect. Bismarck-Mandan residents can find out how their Thanksgiving plans may be affected by checking with Bismarck Airport.