As much as I wish I was "Mr. Punctuality," that's just not me.   I try, but many times i may run a few minutes late.   I hate to be rude to others and make them wait on me, and when I ran across these tips for NEVER being late ever again, as your "Early Morning Radio Pal," I had to share them with you!  So--the question IS this---IS being fashionably late really fashionable, or is it just an excuse people with bad time management skills made up to cover their bad behavior?


It's annoying waiting for the one or two people who are always late to everything, and being late is disrespectful to the people waiting for you. Sure, things happen once in a while that keep you delayed that are beyond your control, but with proper planning and the following tips you don't have to ever stress about being on time again.

Use your alarm: Every phone has one, so use it. And not just to get up in the morning – whenever you need to be somewhere.

Plan ahead: Know what you are going to wear before you even start getting ready. Don't waste precious time with things that could be done the night before. Pack your lunch the night before, set the coffee maker to brew and lay out your clothes before bed – major time savers.

Consider weather and traffic: Before leaving the house check for weather and traffic reports and plan your route accordingly.

Have an early arrival plan: If you get somewhere early have a plan so you aren't just waiting around. Bring a book or an e-reader or hit up a nearby coffee shop while you wait for your appointment or friends to arrive. (Gurl)