Last week, The Bismarck Police Department presented its 2013 Crime and Traffic Analysis Report. The report contains a summary of the incidence of crimes, calls for service, and traffic related statistical information.

Statistical information on Crime is broken down into 2 categories. Category A is more serious crime against Persons and Property, and Category B involves all other cases. 2013 saw a decrease of 8.9% in Category A crimes over 2012, with Crimes against Persons down 8.5% and Crimes against Property down 9.1%

Crimes that saw significant decreases in 2013 include Forcible Rape (-43.1%); Aggravated Assaults (-5.9%); Simple Assaults (-9%); Theft of Property cases (-14.1%) Fraud (-12.2%); Vandalism (-29.2%) and Robberies (-21%).

Specific areas that saw an increase during 2013 were Weapons Law Violations (+54%); Pornography/Obscenity offenses (+22.2%); Burglary (+3.2%) and Theft of Motor Vehicle cases (+1.8%). Drug violations increased by 12% and Drug Paraphernalia violations increased by 7.48%.

Bismarck Police officers responded to a total of 34,146 calls for service in 2013 compared to 36,216 in 2012, which is a 5.7% decrease. Of the 34,146 calls for service received, 3,554 were received via 911.