If you're a teenager looking for a place to hangout, the Bismarck Public Library will soon have you covered.

Maybe hanging out at the library doesn't exactly sound like the most enticing idea for some. However, a survey went out to the students of Bismarck middle and high schools during the fall of 2014 and the winter of 2015. Survey questions included topical information that would give the library board insight on what kind of programs, technology, furniture and materials the teenagers wanted.

The feedback gained from the students was enough to help create a vision for the library to make a spacious area with natural lighting, updated technology where teenagers could simply hangout. Through multiple donations, fundraisers, and grants, $350,000 was raised in a matter of weeks for construction, furnishing, technology, and other costs to make the vision a reality, with the help of the Bismarck Library Foundation.

The construction is looking to finish by November or December. The new additions include, windows, along with a fireplace and sink. New furniture, including booths, desks and lounge chairs, will be added later, along with student displays of art on the walls and showcases. There will also be an open house, once completed.

Areas for homework and studying will be available, along with many programs offered for teenagers. New events such as video-game tournaments, Pinterest nights, and some of the newest technology will be offered as well.

The Bismarck Public Library will be a new option for a hangout for teens by winter time.

Source: Bismarck Tribune