One of my pet peeves is people who text while they's dangerous and scary and VERY ILLEGAL! Even through most of us think texting and driving is wrong...some of us will do it anyway!! New survey about texting and driving is out and here's the lowdown:

According to a new survey, the majority of drivers who talk on their cell phones or text while driving believe talking on the cell phone or texting while driving has made the roadways more dangerous than ever before.
That's right. The same people who are texting and talking on the road are the same ones who are most frightened by other texters and talkers.

Survey Results ...
88 percent of drivers say drivers who text and e-mail are a very serious threat to their safety.
62 percent of drivers believe talking on a cell phone is a very serious threat to safety -- but nearly 70 percent of those surveyed admitted to talking on their phones while driving.
24 percent of those surveyed said they read or sent text messages or e-mails while driving in the previous month.