Stumbled across a new survey.  And it did make me think.   Both of my parents--Jack & Alice Hemingway smoked for years and years when me and my brother were little guys.   I'm one of the most anti-smoking people on this planet.  Thinking back---it was so gross---my parents both smoked in the house, in the car, and didn't think alot about it.   Eventually my mom stopped smoking--I was so proud of her, and unfortunately I lost my dad to a heart attack when he was only 48.  According to a new survey---smokers may be BAD PARENTS!  Check this out!


Some smoking parents will go to great lengths to get that old nicotine fix or theirs, with many of them feeding their kids less to eat, buying them cheaper birthday presents, and this is really sad----grabbing money from their kids piggy banks to buy cigarettes.

A small percent of smokers surveyed admitted that in colder weather the heat was turned off, or thermostat turned down, in order to afford their cigarettes. (Daily Mail)