It looks like those "Grandma Names" have become the "in" thing again with the naming of baby girls.  So if you or one of your gal pals, or cousins are expecting a baby and you know it's going to be a girl, I thought I'd clue you in with the latest trends in baby girl names. 


Besides names like Emma, Pearl and Olivia, other ones ARE making a comeback!  New moms are now naming their baby girls really old-fashioned names as Beulah, Nannie, Lottie, Esther, Edith, Winifred, Mildred, Bertha and Gertrude! (The Stir)

Really---Bertha and Gertrude?  Next thing is you'll see "Little Ethyl."  And everytime I hear the name "Ethyl"--I always think of Vivian Vance's character on "I Love Lucy!"  For me a love the name "Savannah!"