"Men here are 100% worse ... they're animals." So says one transplant about Williston, North Dakota.

As more people flock to North Dakota, the debate rages on about whether the economic benefits are worth the growing pains associated with the oil boom. Yes, we have the lowest unemployment rate in all of the nation, but there are also more concerns as the population inflates to record levels.

In a new video from BBC, several Williston residents share their experiences living in the once-sleepy town. The lopsided men-to-woman ratio is noted (estimated to be around 10:1), to the point where some women don't even feel safe venturing out past dark for fear of their safety. One woman carries a taser and pepper spray with her at all times. Oil workers share their harrowing experiences of living in vehicles during the sub-zero winters. The sheriff discusses the rise in crime and drug use, which has resulted in over-populated jails. A pastor somberly talks about the rising suicide rate and cold-related deaths.

As Williston and the rest of the oil towns gain national, and even global, recognition, are videos like this doing North Dakota justice? Is this an accurate portrayal of our state?