Maybe this weekend, instead of cooking, you'll call up and order a pizza.  Looks like there may be something in the not too distant future that may put the regular old pizza delivery guy right out of a job.    Check this out!



A Domino’s Pizza place over across the Atlantic in England posted a video of an unmanned drone delivering pizzas to someone’s front door.  That's in England!  Here in the U.S. the F.A.A. does not allow unmanned aircraft from being used for a commercial use.  The idea of drones delivering pizza could become a reality here in the U.S.A..  The powers that be at Domino’s claims the company as of now has no plans to go drone here in the U.S.m but technology advances so quickly...don't be too surprised to see it happen not too many years down the road.  At least we wouldn't have to tip the drone now would we?