You may want to call me boring and structured but when it comes to a good ol' Hot Dog----just a little squeeze of mustard is all I need----NO relish, onions, well--maybe a little bit of chili---IF it's really good, dark, thick and rich.   I did run across a cool article in Men's Health Magazine and they had some pretty good hot dog toppings to try out.




The Chicago Dog:   It features: chopped onion, tomato slices, yellow mustard, sweet relish, a dill pickle spear, peppers, and a dash of salt.

The Sonoran:   Slices of avacado, mayonaise, chopped tomatoes, crispy bacon, chopped onion, and pinto beans.

The Olympian:  Spinach sauteed with chopped garlic in olive oil, a brushing of Greek yogurt, and a little squeeze of lemon.

The French: Dijon mustard and blue cheese.

When I lived down South in Georgia, people down there love cole slaw on their hot dogs and call them "Slaw Dogs."   Me?  I'll stick with my squeeze of yellow mustard and I'm good to go!!