Just how rich is North Dakota? So rich from the oil revenues that one county is offering free 2-year college courses from the revenues it collects from the oil industry.

The issue at hand is that many high school graduates are passing up on college to make quick money right out of high school in the oil field. Williston State College expects a huge number of high school graduates from Williams County to take advantage of the free courses.

According to The Star Tribune:

Enrollment in academic subjects has declined in recent years, but interest in its vocational classes had sky-rocketed as high school graduates look to make big bucks on the Bakken oil fields.

Jens Schlueter/ Getty Images

The scholarships will include tuition, books and fees and are open to all local graduates.

The program could expand to neighboring counties, such as McKenzie and Mountrail.

This seems to be a great opportunity for graduates to gain a free college degree, but what do you think? Is this a good idea?

[Source: Bring Me The News and Star Tribune]