If you know much about me--you know I'm a dog kind of guy and I really have a fondness for Beagles!   To me they just look like a dog.   Maybe you're like me and are pondering picking out a 4-legged buddy.  A good place is our local humane societies and animal shelters.  Lots of great dogs here in Bismarck and Mandan need a place to call home.  BUT----not every guy is ready to take care of a houseplant – much less own a dog.



Here are some signs you should postpone any plans of bringing a dog into your house or home.

IF you sleep in on weekends– Doesn’t matter how much you need the sleep, dogs don’t care. They need you to be up and functioning every morning to take care of them.

IF you like your place to be clean– Dogs can mean poop, pee, slobber, and hair. Sometimes puke.

IF you don't eat or decide to skip dinner– You might not need to eat at various time, but dogs do.

      IF you spend the night some place– Having friends is great and even crashing at their house… but not for your 4-legged buddy – who's waiting to be let out in the morning.