North Dakota continues to dominate the top of many lists. Recently The Weather Channel came out with a list of the best places to live by ranking states on their future livability. They looked at 13 metrics that encompass economic, workplace, community and personal choices. The group polled more than 530,000 adults from across the country from Jan. 2, 2011  to June 30, 2012 and came up with the best states to live in for future economic growth and healthiness.

Andrew Burton/ Getty Images

10) Maryland

9) South Dakota

8) Hawaii

7) Iowa

6) Virginia

5) North Dakota

4) Nebraska

3) Colorado

2) Minnesota

1) Utah

Now for every best of list, there are always the worst! Some of the most depressing states to live in with the worst outlook for the future development include Kentucky, Nevada, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri.

From a look at this poll, it seems like the best places to be for future development and health and well being is in the Midwest and the total opposite would be in the South. This doesn't seem to a big surprise being as most of the recent stories we published  on the happiest and states for the best employment opportunities have always been the Midwest in the last few years!