If you're a retiree, and you love the holiday, you're in the right place! North Dakota is in the top ten states to celebrate the holidays for all retirees.

It may seem like an odd statistic, but if you like celebrating the holidays, you're going to want to do it in the right place. North Dakota came in as the tenth best state for retirees to enjoy the holidays. The factors used in determining the rankings were: shopping, charitable giving, and the likelihood residents will enjoy a white Christmas.

The shopping factor is broken down into three key categories, which include number of shopping centers, buying power of $100, and sales tax rates for each state.

Charitable giving was determined using the average contributions by tax returns filed in each state and the percentage of adjusted gross income taxpayers gave to charity.

The probability for a white Christmas was the determining factor for North Dakota scoring high, with more than a 60 percent chance on a yearly basis.

The nine states finishing ahead of North Dakota on the list of best states for retirees to celebrate the holidays were Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Montana, and Minnesota ranking one through nine, respectively.

Source: Bankrate