North Dakota is one of the best states in the entire country to have a family.

The website looked at factors in each state to see where families had the best opportunities to make money while also living an affordable, healthy and fulfilling life.

When all factors are considered, North Dakota is the second best state in the country to live a 'rich family life.'

The factors that were taken into consideration were the median income household in the state, the median home listing price, the state sales tax, childcare costs, grocery costs, school district grades, the average health insurance premium rates, and crime rates.

North Dakota did not rank No. 1 in any of the categories but when you combine everything together, North Dakota is among the best states in the country.

North Dakota did finish in the top 10 for healthcare and job income and North Dakota has the fourth lowest unemployment rate in the United States.

Only families in New Hampshire can liver a richer and more fulfilling life than those in North Dakota.

Washington D.C. was ranked the worst spot for a rich family life.

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