With June here, even though it doesn't officially arrive until June 21st---I say it's Summertime!!    And that means fun along the Missouri River and of course donning our bathing suits.    What do women think about their bathing suit bodies---got the results of a survey conducted by Fitness Magazine they surveyed 1000 women in North Dakota and I have the results of the survey.



•25% of women don't trust anyone to tell them honestly if a swimsuit looks really good on them.

•40% of women said the asset they look forward to at the beach is showing off their cleavage.

•20% of women. say they'd be up for going to a topless or even anude beach.

•43% of women would give upusing Facebook forever IF they could have a body that looks like a swimsuit model's.

•23% of women would actually not use their cell phone to have a great bathing suit body ... but only for a year.

•80% of the surveyed women say they'd rather be a toned size 10 than a size 2 with no muscles.

The most wanted celebrity bathing suit bodies women would love to have as their own:

Jennifer Aniston: 37 percent

Jennifer Lopez: 27 percent

Beyonce: 20 percent

Cameron Diaz: 11 percent

      Gwyneth Paltrow: 6 percent