You talk so fast, yet talk so little and when things don't happen at the speed you want them to, it drives you nuts.

At least that's what the findings from Marchex, a telemarketing company, say about the people of North Dakota.

In a study released in February, Marchex says North Dakotans talk fast, speak very little and are impatient.

It is based on telemarketing phone calls that Marchex made to random customers and they created a map to determine which states talk the fastest, talk the most, and have the most patience.

When looking at the full set of data, North Dakota was the 12th fastest talking state. Oregon took the title for the fastest talking state while Mississippi was the slowest.

When it came to the most talkative states, North Dakota came in at No. 44, meaning they are the 7th least talkative state. The most talkative state is New York. Iowa is the least talkative.

Marchex also tested the patience of people in each state by placing them on hold. The people of Kentucky were the quickest to hang up when put on hold. North Dakota rounded out the top 15 of 'hanger uppers' securing the No. 13 spot. Our neighbors in Minnesota seemed to have no issue waiting around. They were the least likely to hang up.

It's amazing the things you can find out about people just by making a phone call. This must be why all the young people these days just text. But which state is more likely to use emoji's instead of words to get their message across?