It's no secret that residents of North Dakota absolutely love everything about their state, including their colleges.

So, it came as a surprise when the New York Times put together an interactive map, showing how the country roots for college football, and there is absolutely no mention of North Dakota State or the University of North Dakota as favorites in the state of North Dakota.

According to the map, which the New York Times put together based on Facebook 'likes', the Oregon Ducks are the most followed team throughout most of North Dakota, followed by the Texas Longhorns.

Now, to be fair, the map only ranks 82 teams, so one can only assume that they took the 82 most popular teams, based on Facebook 'likes', and put together this map.

However, if they were to take every single college football team in the country and breakdown who roots for them where, I have no doubt in my mind that the state of North Dakota would be covered in the color green.

If there's one thing this state does really, really well, it's support the home team.

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