With summer knocking on our door, the food website EatThis.com released the must have food for the hot summer months ahead for every state.

What food do you think of when you think summer? Snow cones? What about ice cream? EatThis.com has you covered, I have to admit, the must have summer food the website listed for North Dakota, is a food that has never touched my lips.

Tim Boyle /Getty Images

The summer food from my home state of Louisiana has indeed touched my lips. Crawfish! (pronounced- 'CRAW' not CRAY), just sayin'! And for some of you, you may feel the same way about crawfish that I feel about sauerkraut. Isn't that rotten cabbage? And that smell!! Regardless of my feelings,  North Dakotas' favorite summer food is sauerkraut. Understandably, due to the heavy influence inspired by Norwegian, German, and Russian cultures, sauerkraut should be  popular in the Peace Garden State. I get it! I don't have to eat it though.

Here are some other must have summer foods from other states;

  • Arkansas- watermelons, and I speak from experience, they are so good and sweet.
  • Minnesota- walleye
  • Montana- bison burgers
  • Maryland- crab (not the crabs)
  • Iowa- corn
  • Nevada- all you can eat buffets
  • Ohio- kettle corn
  • South Dakota- chislic
  • Tennessee- ribs

Have fun this summer and enjoy your favorite summer-time foods.

Enjoy the list from all 50 states here.