What do we LOVE to do? Hiking? Fishing? Hunting? Eating? Here in North Dakota, all of these activities are popular,but is there one activity we LOVE more than the others?

Cornell University conducted a study to determine the most popular activity in each state and as much as North Dakotans love to hunt and fish, you'd think one of these would be the states most popular thing to do. You'd be wrong!

The university examined tweets from across the county, and studying our tweets to come up with this list. It's not scientific, but it is fun!  Here are some of the most popular physical activities from other states-

  • Maryland, North and South Carolina, South Dakota- Eating
  • Idaho- Biking
  • Minnesota- Running
  • Nebraska- Ice Skating
  • Michigan- Laying Down
  • California - Dancing

You can see all of the states here.

Here in North Dakota, our favorite physical activity is running.

Do you agree with this study? Is drinking beer an activity?

Don Arnold / Getty