Well well well...it's Summer here in the Dakotas---granted one of the coolest months of June and July ever---ONLY 6 days over 90 degrees these past two months, but Summer is the great time for Ice Cream---my personal favorite---Chocolate Chip Mint, but I found some rather unusual flavors you may want to try or then again just read about 'em and use your imagination!


•)First----Lobster Ice Cream: At Ben and Bill's back in Massachusette at Martha's Vineyard you can have some tasty sweet lobster chunks served into a butter-flavored ice cream.  Sounds VERY rich, but would you really want some on a hot summer's day?

•)Second here----Beer Ice Cream.   What about ice cream that tastes like a cold beer? A company called "Frozen Pints" sells a variety of beer flavored ice cream.  To me it just doesn't sound very refreshing, but I'm NOT a beer drinker!

•)Third---and this seems to be the best crazy Ice Cream flavor---Bacon Ice Cream: Everyone is crazy about bacon---so I'm a thinking you may be able to find this at lots of ice cream places.  I'm thinking that sweet flavor or bacon with some maple syrup together only in an ice cream sounds pretty tasty.   This one I would definitely try a scoop or two of.

•)Finally here-----Jalapeno Ice Cream:  There's a guy that blogs about food and his name is Alejandro Ramos, and Mr. Ramos posted a recipe for this different kind of treat on his website Always Order Desserts – and Alejandro did include a little warning----you must LOVE Jalapenos and own a tongue that really likes hot spicy stuff to enjoy it! (SheKnows)