I've managed to hit the half-century mark and have outlived my dad and the reality of growing older hits me from time and time and once I saw this, I felt like I was peeking in the mirror at least for a second or two....


According to Cracked.com, here are some warning signs that you’re finally getting older.

New slang words make you angry – You probably get even angrier when you think about all the text shortcuts the “kids” are using these days.

Clothing becomes complicated – Jeans and a shirt used to be fine. When you’re an old man, you’re expected to think about your wardrobe a bit more.

Every debate makes you roll your eyes – Young guys argue about the issues of the day. Politics. Religion. Sports. Old guys have heard it all and know nobody will ever be swayed from their beliefs. So why fight?

New music shocks you – You know young guys have crappy taste in music, but the songs you liked when you were younger were never THAT bad, were they? (Cracked.com)