As we proudly proclaim here in Bismarck----North Dakota is the United States’ #2 oil producer behind Texas.  We are producing about 1 million barrels a day and about 70% of that is being moved by trains, to reach refineries and get premium prices. 


Now, Governor Jack Dalrymple has scheduled an oil summit on June 24th at Bismarck State College’s National Energy Center of Excellence to meet with oil industry leaders and government officials.  At the summit, he is going to push for more oil and gas pipelines in North Dakota.  He said more pipelines will reduce truck traffic, curb natural gas flaring, and create more markets for our oil and natural gas. 

 “Increasing North Dakota’s pipeline capacity, both gathering lines within North Dakota and larger, interstate pipelines, is critical to meeting the needs of an energy industry that continues to produce greater supplies of high-quality oil and natural gas,” Dalrymple said in a statement. “By bringing together pipeline companies and government officials at this summit, we continue to encourage the development of more pipelines to safely ship oil and natural gas to markets throughout the United States.”

At the summit, he said there will also be a summary of North Dakota’s progress in expanding its oil and natural gas pipeline systems.
Source: Associated Press