While the names Matthew, Michael, Christopher and James have remained among the Top 10 most popular American names for baby boys a hundred years, other names have come and gone.

According to Esquire magazine, here are some guys' names that have gone away, maybe forever:

Walter -- It was popular a century ago, breaking into the Top 10 in 1914, but now it's down to 400 and sliding.

Merlin -- For some reason, couples started naming their boys Merlin on the brink of the Great Depression, and then stopped. More than 1,000 names are more popular than Merlin these days.

Robin -- Do you know any guys named Robin? If so, he was probably born between 1951 and 1956, when it peaked as the 143rd most popular boy's name. But like Merlin, it's now struggling to stay in the Top 1,000.

Leslie -- It was in the Top 100 boy names in the first decade of the 20th century, and had only fallen to 124 by 1950. Today, it's the 160th most popular ... for girls.