Even though I am a dog person.  I have found a cat that deserves a special mention.  And I must say simply:  "RIP, Poppy."


Up until June 6th, Poppy had the special distinction of being the oldest cat on this planet, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Poppy was 24 years old, which is CRAZY old for a feline –that's about twice the lifespan of a usual kitty-cat.

The feline lived with her family over in England and had a regular diet of canned cat food, and from time to time would get to enjoy a special treat of chicken from KFC or fish and chips.

She leaves behind four other cats, a couple of rabbits, and a hamster ... as well as her owners---who are really going to miss her after almost a quarter of a century. That would be 1990!!!   (Gawker)