The stigma on online dating has been lifted and not only is it socially acceptable to meet online -- it's common practice. Everybody's doing it, including you probably.   And me?  The majority of the last few people that I've dated--with the exception of 2--I've met on line

It's an easy, fun and convenient way to meet potential mates, but there are some tips you should follow to ensure that you're not just wasting your time.

So here are some useful online dating tips.

Don't trust their best photo -- Look through all of thephotos and find the worst one. If you're still OK with them, then go for it.

Be aggressive -- Don't assume that someonewho looked at your profile and didn't message you is uninterested. Maybe they just hasn't written to you yet. So go ahead and shoot them a hello.

Don't get too specific -- Mention only the important things in your profile and leave everything else to the imagination.

Update your profile and photos frequently -- Keep adding stuff and tweaking as it shows that you're engaged in the process and more interesting.

Spelling counts -- Mistakes will make you look dumb.

Keep your shirt on -- Guys---even if you're a golden god, cover up your raging pecs in your profile picture.  And ladies---don't show too much skin---use enough to tease and enough to please!!