If you use a computer or smartphone on a regular basis, you probably have multiple passwords; for email, online banking, bill pay, access to your work computer, and the list goes on.  Some sites even add to the password madness by requiring capitals, symbols, and a certain number of characters. Have you ever thought about using this password humdrum to change your life?  Maybe to achieve a goal?  To be a more positive person? 

What is one of the best ways to learn a new habit?  Practice and repetition.  Why not liven up your passwords with something to put you in a good mood or something goal-oriented, especially when you are at work?  When you type this word over and over, it will remind you of what’s important.  One article in the Huffington Post explained how this was done and it really works! 


Here are some examples: 

  • Quit@smoking4ever – This is a great goal and a great daily reminder!
  • VacationAug5 – Reminds you that your vacation is coming up – helps you get through that workday a bit easier!
  • Forgive@her – Forgive someone for a wrongdoing.
  • YouCanSave$$ - Helps you remember to build that savings account and skip that daily latte.
  • KeepSmiling4Ever – This one is self-explanatory. 8-)
  • ChatWith2Coworkers – Helps build work relationships

Try it – many people claim that having to enter these words multiple times keeps them thinking positive and on track to their goals. BestOfLuck2U!

Source: The Huffington Post