Newsweek Magazine's list of the Top 500 high schools in the nation came out this week and only one North Dakota high school made the list. You may be surprised, but then again, maybe not.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

First, let's go through the criteria for ranking the schools:

"Our rankings aim to identify the public high schools in the U.S. that do the best job of preparing students for college and overcome the obstacles posed by socioeconomic inequality. 

"Ranking Analysis: For the high schools on both lists identified in the threshold analysis, we created a College Readiness Score based on the following six indicators:

o   Enrollment Rate—25 percent

o   Graduation Rate—20 percent

o   Weighted AP/IB composite—17.5 percent

o   Weighted SAT/ACT composite—17.5 percent

o   Holding Power (change in student enrollment between ninth and 12th grades; this measure is intended to control for student attrition)—10 percent

o   Counselor-to-Student Ratio —10 percent

Now, congratulations to Beulah High School, ranking #460! The school scored impressively in the following categories:

  • College readiness score: 69.91
  • College bound: 59.71%
  • Graduation rate: 99.87%

Other Midwest states were also well-represented in the list, with 9 high schools in Minnesota and a couple from South Dakota.

Just another reason why it's great living in North Dakota - way to go, Beulah High School!

[Source: Newsweek]