Gotta new survey that all of us workers may find surprising---then again---MAYBE NOT.  Looks like our bosses are happier than workers with their work life, family life, and financial situation.


The folks there that sit on the top of the work chain are also more likely than the rest of us to say they are paid well for what they do and are not looking for a new job.

Here's the results of the survey of bosses---read it and see what you think!!

•70% of bosses were happy in their current job, compared with just 48% of workers.

•40% of bosses were satisfied with their financial situation, compared with 28% of us workers.

•62% of bosses said they got paid fairly for what they do, compared with just 54 percent of us workers.

•12% of bosses said they were looking for a new job, compared to 23% of us regular workers.

•And last but not least----80% of bosses were very satisfied with their family life, compared with 70% of us regular workers.