I'm looking at the calendar and we still have officially until September 21st to enjoy SUMMER!   And even a few weeks til Summertime seems to end--that being Labor Day which is Monday the 2nd of September.   So if you haven't done the stuff on the JJ Hemingway "COOL" Bucket List you still have time to get out an do this stuff and create some fun times and good memories this summer!  


Sip an umbrella drink by the pool

Make an ice cream sandwich out of a waffle

Enjoy root beer or my personal favorite a Coke float(A true guilty pleasure!)

Go berry picking---I used to pick Huckleberries and Blueberries as a kid.

Grill a steak---I do this almost twice a week and LOVE IT.

Go on a picnic with the family or the one you love!

Start an herb garden — even if you don’t have outdoor space

Drop the top on the car and cruise (or borrow a convertible!!!)

Hang out around a fire and make smores!!! (BuzzFeed.com)